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The first two days of racing on Lake Neuchatel for the third SSL Gold Cup Test Event were blissed by beautiful sailing conditions. Northern breeze and sun made up for the lowering temperatures of October. A few teams had issues on the first day with the boats that are new for them, but today things worked much better for everyone.


On day one Fleet one kicked off the event, and Austria won both races while both Sweden and Spain weren’t able to finish the second race. Max Salminen’s team had a technical problem, while Roberto ‘Chuny’ Bermudez – who is not on the boat, leaving the helm to Olympic Champion Tamara Echegoyen – went too close to shore and got stranded.

In fleet two, Slovenia had a very unlucky first day and performed way below their potential, but got back on track today with a win and a second, they have two more days and 2/3 more races to raise from third to second or first spot. That is if Poland (2 wins and 2 seconds) and Peru allow it. Denmark is the team with most medalists here, but it is somehow lying on the bottom spot of the ranking.

All four teams in both fleets are quite close on points and the next two days will be crucial to decide who will go ahead.

These are the rankings:

FLEET 1                                   FLEET 2

1 – AUSTRIA                            1 – POLAND

2 – SWEDEN                           2 – PERU

3 – SPAIN                                3 – SLOVENIA

4 – SERBIA                              4 – DENMARK

Full results: